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9 April 2020

“Moskovsky comsomolets”: “Titan-Polymer” LLC joined the action “Thanks package”

27 March 2020

“Kommersant”: The Novocherkassk plant will launch the antiseptics production

25 March 2020

RUPEC: АО “Omsky kauchuk” purchased all the manufacturing equipment for the IPA production

25 March 2020

“Russian Exporters”: Omsk phenol was supplied to Belarus, Latvia and Poland

20 March 2020

Omsk Region Government portal: Residents of the Omsk special economic zone "Avangard" will receive tax preferences

12 February 2020

“Moskovsky komsomoletz”: The construction of the “Titan-Polymer” plant near Pskov is at full speed

10 February 2020

Ministry of Industry of the Omsk Region: the equipment for the production of isopropyl alcohol was received at the Group of Companies “Titan”

5 February 2020

Omsk region government portal: 100% of the Special Economic Zone “Avangard” shares will remain in the ownership of Omsk region.

27 January 2020

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation: Denis Manturov launched production at AO “Omsky kauchuk” plant via teleconference

15 January 2020

The Ministry of Industry of the Omsk Region: The Group of Companies “Titan” estimated the product volumes shipped abroad in the year 2019

23 December 2019

Chemical complex of Russia: NZSM LLC manufactured a test batch of "arctic" additive for drilling fluids

10 December 2019

Pskov region Administration Portal: Pskov State University and “Titan-Polymer” LLC signed a Cooperation Agreement.

9 December 2019 NZSM LLC developments were presented at the Arctic Development Project Office

6 December 2019

RUPEC: Technip can act as a licensor of AO “Omsky kauchuk” new production

29 October 2019

Administration of Pskov region: The Civic Chamber of Pskov region has issued a positive conclusion on the «Titan-Polymer» plant construction project

29 October 2019

STVRC-Omsk: Omsk company entered the list of Top 500 Russian Companies

29 October 2019

Business Online Portal: Improvement of Omsk ecology by means of social cooperation

28 October 2019 «Titan-Polymer» receives approval of Rospotrebnadzor for the first-phase construction of the plant

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