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People are the most valuable resource in our company. The team of the Group of Companies «Titan» includes talented specialists and professionals who continuously improve their level of skill and embrace new technologies.

We make every effort to unlock our employees' potential, as well as to promote and develop their career. We create conditions for growth, so if you want to reach new heights, you are welcome to join our friendly team of the Group of Companies «Titan».

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The Group of Companies «Titan» is an employer for talented ambitious specialists who want to do what they love, develop, and solve interesting, complicated, and unconventional tasks.


Our specialists are high level professionals and experts in their area who represent the company and industry at platforms of regional, federal, and international level.

Career Growth

The Group of Companies «Titan» continuously expands its profile and opens up both vertical and horizontal career opportunities to employees.

Arguments for Working with Us

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Success Stories

Sergey Ivanilov

General Director
of AO “Omsky kauchuk”

Sergey Ivanilov

General Director
of AO “Omsky kauchuk”

Sergey took up this position in October 2016 and became one of the youngest plant managers throughout the history of the largest enterprise within the Group of Companies «Titan». Persistence, performance, and actual knowledge are the keys to the success of the 39-year petrochemist.

As early as in school years, Sergey qualified himself for a career in petrochemistry and studied mathematics and physics. He graduated from Omsk State Technical University with a degree in Petroleum and Gas Technology. In 2002 Sergey became a certified production engineer and came across the Group of Companies «Titan» and «Omsky kauchuk» plant.

Sergey Ivanilov started his career from the position of a Grade 5 Operator at the D-1 shop. Later at the same shop, he went up the entire job ladder: Operator, Instrumentation Worker, Area Supervisor, Shift Supervisor, Deputy Shop Superintendent.

In 2012, being a high-potential employee for senior positions, 32-year Sergey Ivanilov was appointed as the Superintendent of the D-1 shop and started to assiduously work on the project for closed oil filling.

In 2013 the professional completed the Presidential Program for the Training of Management Personnel under which he successfully defended this project; in addition, he learned on his own a lot.

In 2015 he became the Deputy Manager of the High-Octane Additive and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant and headed it in another year.

In October 2020, Sergey Ivanilov took the next step up the career ladder: he was promoted to the position of Deputy General Director for Technical Issues - Chief Engineer of “Omsky Kautchuk” plant.

On October 29, 2021, Sergey Ivanilov took up the highest managerial position at the company - he became General Director. He was appointed by Resolution of the Board of Directors of the AO “Omsky kauchuk”. The top manager is one of the youngest managers of the plant for the whole period of its existence.

Ilya Kuvaytsev

Deputy Head of Production of High-Octane Additives
and Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases of AO “Omsky kauchuk”

Ilya Kuvaytsev

Deputy Head of Production of High-Octane Additives
and Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases of AO “Omsky kauchuk”

Ilya became fond of chemistry as early as in his school years. Later, the teenager got interested in engineering. After the ninth form, he matriculated to Omsk Chemical-Mechanical Technical College with a major in Oil and Gas Processing and afterwards to Omsk Polytechnic Institute with a major in Chemical Technology of Organic Substances.

Ilya has worked with the Group of Companies «Titan» since 2011. In «Omsky kauchuk» he was involved in the construction from scratch of a unit for processing normal butylenes. In 2014 the professional was one of three finalists of the first corporate professional skill competition among young managers of the Group of Companies «Titan». As a Shop Production Engineer, the specialist widely participated in corporate events and held fascinating and educational excursions to the plant for students.

In October 2016 Ilya became the Shop Superintendent of a complicated process shop – by the way, one of the youngest shop superintendents at the plant. The manager is convinced that nothing is impossible: «Engineering thought is restricted by certain limits: for the maximum effect, we must search for ways to adopt new technologies that reduce raw material consumption with no compromise in quality».

Ilya Kuvaytsev has under his belt a significant contribution to the production development – multiple streamlining proposals implemented alone and in partnership; some of them even earned him prizes in the corporate competitions of innovators.

In October 2020, Ilya Kuvaitsev was promoted to Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of Production of High-Octane Additives and Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases.

Yevgeny Yeryomin

Chief Production Engineer
of the Pig-Breeding Complex «Petrovsky» (Separate Division of «Titan-Agro» Ltd.)

Yevgeny Yeryomin

Chief Production Engineer
of the Pig-Breeding Complex «Petrovsky» (Separate Division of «Titan-Agro» Ltd.)

It was natural persistence and commitment to order and perfection that helped Yevgeny Yeryomin come a long career path from an Operator to the Chief Production Engineer of a pig-breeding complex.

Yevgeny matriculated to the agrarian university in the experimental admission and for five years studied expanded Animal Science and Veterinary Science programs. During his first practicum at a poultry plant, Yevgeny acquitted himself well, while performing the duties of a zootechnician. In 2005 Yevgeny Yeryomin became a certified zootechnician, however, the agro-industrial complex did not meet its hero immediately after his graduation.

In 2011 Yevgeny Yeryomin was employed at the pig-breeding complex as an Operator. Eight months later, the talented young specialist was noticed and offered to take charge of the pig rearing and feeding site of the breeding farm; in another year, he took up the position of the Nursery Site Manager at the nursery farm and afterwards became the Head of Farm. Then, a new rise in his career happened in 2017: Yevgeny Yeryomin was appointed as the Chief Production Engineer of the Pig-Breeding Complex «Petrovsky».

Today, his area of responsibility includes many thousands of livestock at the complex. Yevgeny's duties go far beyond a single farm – he monitors the operation of the own service and all five separate divisions with 200 employees.

Dmitry Shchipachyov

Deputy Chief Engineer-Manager
of the Rubber and Latex Plant of the PJSC «Omsky kauchuk»

Dmitry Shchipachyov

Deputy Chief Engineer-Manager
of the Rubber and Latex Plant of the PJSC «Omsky kauchuk»

Chemistry was not always uppermost in Dmitry's life; at first he mastered another exact science – physics – at the Physics Faculty of Dostoevsky Omsk State University. In February 2002 the certified specialist was employed by «Omsky kauchuk» plant as an Operator of Polymerization at the Latex Production Shop E-1. Here he exemplified that a truly diligent and responsible person may benefit the enterprise at any workplace. In three years, the talented young man was appointed to the position of the Production Engineer. Dmitry Shchipachov's recipe for success is simple – one needs to believe in people, be result-oriented, and have plenty of patience.

In 2011 Dmitry completed a one-year training program in Chemical Technology of Organic Substances. In April 2015 the young Production Engineer became the Deputy Manager of the Rubber and Latex Plant.

Today, Dmitry analyzes the current information on rubber production, monitors plan compliance, implements process optimization actions, and participates in the introduction of innovations in the rubber and latex technology. Thus, he has under his belt the start of using polymer and metal reusable packaging, as well as the rehabilitation of the latex product manufacture.

Company Life

For our employees, working with the Group of Companies «Titan» is not merely a job. They are a part of a large family, friendly staff, and a team of professionals where they are ready to share not only their knowledge, but also interests. You are welcome to check what we do outside of normal working hours.

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