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General purpose greases

Anti-friction universal greases designed for the lubrication of industrial units and construction equipment, as well as automotive vehicles operating at medium and high loads.

Product name Solidol Zh Graphite grease Zh
Thickener Hydrated calcium soap Hydrated calcium soap
Basic characteristics For lubrication of rolling and sliding friction units of machines and mechanisms operating at temperatures from –25 °С to +65 °С. In loaded mechanisms (bearings, hinges, blocks etc.) it is operable at temperatures up to –50 °С. It is used for filling disassembled friction units operating at temperatures from –50 °С to +65 °С, and for filling friction units by means of manual grease guns at temperatures up to –20 °С. For lubrication of coarse heavily loaded mechanisms (open gears, threaded connections, spindles, springs etc.). It is operable within the temperature range from –20 °С to +60 °С. The grease may be used at temperatures below –20°C in shock absorbers.
Penetration of stirred grease (60 double strokes), 0,1 mm 230-290 ≥250
Dropping temperature,°С, min 78 76
Viscosity at 0°С and medium deformation rate gradient 10 s-1, Pa•s, max 250 250
Shear strength at a temperature of +50°С, Pa, min 196 100
Corrosion ttack on metals Withstands Withstands
Mass fraction of water, %, max 2,5 3
Content of mechanical impuritites Not available ---

Types of Transportation

Rail freight car
Cargo GAZelle

Types of Packaging

Barrel (180 kg)
Bucket (18 kg)

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