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Process fluids for oil-based drilling muds

Process fluid TITAN

The complex multicomponent dispersion system of fluids is designed for maximum retention of reservoir properties within the process of well drilling and servicing operations.

Product name TITAN 2 VV TITAN 2 VV(2)  TITAN 4VI
Kinematic viscosity at 40°С, mm2/s
3,8 2,7 6,7        
Density at 20°С, kg/m3
828 820,4 836
Open cup flash point, min, °С
90 90 130
pH index 6,2 6 7
Operating temperature range, °С -50...+180 -60...+100
Aniline point, °С, min 80 80 80
Aromatic hydrocarbon content, % max 3 3 3

The process fluid of TITAn series can be produced according to the customer's Terms of Reference observing required parameters.

Lubricating additive TITAN-ECO

This is an oily mineral oil based brownish liquid, consisting of surfactants and additives improving anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.

Application: it's designed for conditioning fresh drilling and salt drilling muds during drilling of vertical and directed well pads of oil and gas wells.

The lubricating additive effectively reduces friction coeffcient, considerably reduces the isk of differential sticking, eases the drilling tool motion, extends the drilling bit operating life. The lubricating additive prevents foam formation and beside the friction coefficient reduction it improves parameters of the basic processing properties of drilling muds.

It's recommended for water based drilling mud in the form of 0,3-3% additive. It's added directly to a drilling mud.

Types of Transportation

Rail freight car

Types of Packaging

Barrel (180 kg)
Bucket (18 kg)

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