Omsky kauchuk

petrochemical production


production of lubricants


mixed feed and meat

Titan Petrochemical products Agro-Industrial products

Propane-Butane mixture

GOST 20448-90

It's used as a fuel for public utility consumption and for industrial purposes.

Mass fraction of components, %
    amount of methane, ethane, ethylene
    amount of propane and propylene
    amount of butanes and butylenes, max

not defined
not defined
Volume fraction of liquid residue at 20°С, %, max 1,6
Saturated vapor pressure, manometric, MPa, at a temperature +45°С, max     1,6
Mass fraction of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan sulfur, %, max 

including hydrogen sulfide, %, max

Free water and alkali content absent

Types of Transportation

Rail tank car
Tank truck

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