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26 August 2021

Ministry of Sports of Omsk Region: Members of Omsk Regional School Labor Team studied production at the enterprise АО “Omsky kauchuk” of the AO GC Titan

The tour took place within the framework of the project “Resident center “Skilled workers for the region”.
This year, about 10 events are planned for the residents of the educational platform. The main topics are production (including the defense one), transport, energy industry, media sphere, agricultural sector, medicine.
Members of Omsk Regional School Labor Team participated in one of the events. They went on tour across the territory of the plant “Omsky kauchuk”, which is a part of the Group of companies Titan. 

The children learned a lot of new things about the production of phenol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol and rubber. They also attended a hydrogen unit and different factory workshops.

“It is very good that such tours to enterprises are organized. You can learn new and useful information and this is always interesting. It was also pleasant to get a small souvenir – benzene ring. I liked it all very much!” a member of Omsk Regional School Labor Team Vladislava Skosyrskaya shared her impressions.

It is important to add that the Omsk enterprise creates all necessary conditions for professional growth with opportunities to get a higher job position. A large percentage of the company employees graduated from Omsk Industrial and Economic College, Omsk State Technical University and Omsk State Transport University.

Source: Ministry of Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sport of Omsk region, 26.08.2021 


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