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Greases for high-speed bearings

Special greases for high-speed bearings

Product name NOVA SUPER SHC 100           CIATIM-201             CIATIM-221                  
Thickener Lithium complex soap Lithium soap Calcium complex soap        
NLGI 2 3 2
Welding load, N
3000 2000 2000
Base oil viscosity at 40°С, mm2/s 100 32 32
Operating temperature range, °С -50...+180 -60...+100
Basic characteristics Plastic grease, used in high-speed friction units, e.g. in bearings of electric motors, generators, where low friction coefficient and long-term operation are required. Based on synthetic oils, thikened with special lithium soap. Cold-resistant, water-resistant instrument grease for the lubrication of low-loaded rolling and sliding friction units. Operating temperature range is from -60 to +90 °С.
Grease with a low apparent viscosity at the level of 800 Pa•s max at -50 °С for application in high-speed units. Lack of chemical activity of the grease towards hydrocarbon polymers and elastomers alows to apply the grease in metal-rubber, metal-plactic and plastic-plastic friction couples.
Conformity to the performance property category  DIN 51502
ISO 6743
GOST 6267-74 GOST 9433-80

Types of Transportation

Rail freight car
Cargo GAZelle

Types of Packaging

Barrel (180 kg)
Bucket (18 kg)

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