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22 September 2021

“Omsky Prigorod”: The 10th anniversary of the AO GC Titan’s pig-breeding complex

Today, the pig-breeding complex “Petrovsky” includes 60 thousand animals and 180 employees

The complex started operating on September 19, 2011 and became the first production facility of the “Titan-Agro” Ltd. More than a million piglets was born during the entire operation period. The first piglet was born at “Petrovsky” in March, 2012. The millionth one was born about 9 years later. We should explain that one sow gives birth to at least 12 piglets on average and the record fixed by the Titan’s breeders made 22 piglets.

Today, the total livestock of the pig-breeding complex exceeds 60,000 heads, represented by Large White (Yorkshire), Duroc and Landrace breeds. Hybrids made of these breeds have a high growth speed and great meat quality. The AO GC Titan’s pig-breeding facility belongs to the 4th compartment – the farms with the highest biological protection degree.

Genetics modernization at the complex started in 2019 is currently in progress. Instead of the Irish company Hermitage Genetics, which has left the market, the Canadian company Genesus Genetics has become a supplier of new purebred animals.   Its breeding farm is located in Voronezh region. In 2021 the new inhabitants of the complex will include 117 animals – 90 sows and 27 boars will be purchased. The first batch of 55 pigs has already been delivered to Omsk and will be added to livestock after successful quarantine period, adaptation and all necessary veterinary measures.

Total livestock genetics modernization will be finished in 2023.

Source: "Omsky Prigorod", 22.09.2021


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