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20 September 2021

Omsk portal “Culture”: An exhibition-laboratory “Art and Chemistry” will be opened in Omsk within the Year of Science

At the very beginning of the school year, the Museum named after M.A. Vrubel together with the Group of Companies Titan responding to the request of school teachers present an exhibition addressed to those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the fascinating world of science, studying chemistry, substances composition, structure, properties, production and transformation.

The art of depiction is largely based on scientific laws: it is physics, mathematics, psychology, and, of course, chemistry. The studio – no matter the studio of a painter or a graphic artist, a master of decorative and applied arts or a photographer - is a real laboratory full of chemical components that the creator tirelessly mixes, combines in an attempt to achieve something beyond the material world.

The Museum of Art not only keeps these chemical reactions results, but also monitors constantly their condition. To extend the life of art objects there are several restoration workshops in the museum, where experts actively use the achievements of modern chemistry.

The exhibition space is divided into several conceptual blocks:

  • Types of art as chemical processes;
  • Pigment chemistry;
  • Restoration chemistry.

Each of them contains many real gems of the museum collection, showcasing various types of fine art. The graphics section includes works performed in original and printed techniques, including graphite pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, gouache, as well as linocut and etching.

Here you can see the works of the Chinese master Jiang Shi-Lun, graphic sheets by Peter Dick, Valery Kulikov, as well as the works of Omsk artists - Nikolai Tretyakov, Vasily Belan, Georgy Katillo-Ratmirov, Anastasia Gurova and many others. Viewers will learn a lot of interesting facts about binders and some pigments, about different types of paper, about the chemical etching process of zinc or copper boards, as well as about pentaphthalic and polyvinyl chloride linoleum.

The chemistry of metals tells us about art products made of bronze, steel, cast iron.

The chemistry of ceramics and glass demonstrates works by the key element in their composition: manganese, cobalt, chromium, uranium, gold, copper.

The section “Painting” presents the works of Russian painters Valerian Sergin, Nikolai Rybakov, Vitaly Smagin, Ashur Khaidarov, Tamara Gritsyuk. Viewers will learn about canvas, oils, varnishes, solvents and of course pigments.

The “chemistry of restoration” will be explained by the famous Omsk copy of Rembrandt's “Danaë”, which took part in the rescue of the Hermitage masterpiece “View of Santa Maria della Salute Church” by an unknown Venetian artist of the 18th century, restored by the specialists of the Museum named after M.A. Vrubel, as well as a still life of the 18th century “Flowers and Birds”.

The latest and most "chemical" form of art - photography - is represented by the works of Omsk masters Sergey Sokruta, Alexander Lelyakin and Oleg Derkunsky, demonstrating rare techniques of hand photoprinting: litho-printing, cyanotype, tempera-printing.

The exhibition is complemented by an interactive art “laboratory” and extensive textual support.

Curator - Sergey Baranov

The “Art and Chemistry” exhibition is another creative product of the “Art Gallery” project. The general partner of the project is the AO Group of Companies Titan. Being successfully involved in its core business the company plays a significant role in the social and cultural life of the city. Continuing the traditions set up by well-known Russian art patrons, the Group of Companies Titan has been supporting annually the Museum named after M.A. Vrubel for 16 years. Chairman of the Board of Directors M. A. Sutyaginsky is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Museum Development Fund.

Over the past years, with the support of partners, many creativity and education projects have been created, including exhibitions, publications, a series of films telling us about different sections of the museum's collection, annual gift calendars “Treasures of the Museum named after M. A. Vrubel” and much more. The “Art and Chemistry” exhibition is a worthy addition to the “Art Gallery”.

Project curator “Art Gallery” – Natalia Vasilieva

Source: Omsk portal "Culture", 20.09.2021


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