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Meat (Pork)

GOST R 31476-2012. Pigs for slaughter. Hog carcasses and half carcasses.

Product characteristic

Petrovsky Pig-Breeding Complex accommodates the following breeds of pigs: Large White, Landrace, Duroc, and Hylean Maxgro. These breeds are characterized by a bacon-type productivity, which determines the quality of the meat at the output. Slaughter yield averages more than 72% of live weight. The average weight of a pig for slaughter is 105 kg.

Produced pork is characterized by high moisture-binding capacity (pH = 5.7–5.9, NOR category), the fat thickness along the carcass surface is minimal. The entire range of products complies with the requirements of the current regulatory and technical documentation. Petrovsky Pig-Breading Complex satisfies the criteria under requirements of Compartment IV (the highest degree of biological protection).

The pig-breeding complex supplies animals for slaughter to a separate division of Titan-Agro LLC – Pushkinsky Meat-Packing Plant. At this agro-industrial enterprise the pork is deboned, pre-packed and shipped. The complete cycle of pork production and sale using their own feed base guarantee a consistently high quality of products.


Chilled pork is stored in a suspended state in chambers with moderate air flow (0.2–0.3 m/s) at a relative humidity of 85–90%, and a temperature of 0 to –2° С. Meat chilling period is 24 hours. The shelf life of chilled meat is max. 12 days.

Frozen meat is stored in piles at a temperature of minus 18° C and 95% relative humidity for 6 months.

Treated pork sub-products

GOST R 32244-2013. 


Maximum 2 days at a temperature of 0 to -1° C and relative humidity of 85–90%; at a temperature of –18° С – no more than 6 months.

Semi-finished natural large pieces of pork


Shelf life and storage conditions - max. 72 hours at a temperature from 0 to 6° C; packed under vacuum - up to 18 days; at a temperature of –18° С - no more than 6 months.

Types of Transportation

Cargo GAZelle
Refrigerated van

Types of Packaging

Individual Vacuum Packing
Stretch wrap
Corrugated packaging for transportation

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