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28 September 2021

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: AO “Omsky kauchuk” will be able to recycle up to 90 tons of hydrocarbon gases monthly

Previously, off-gases including the desired isobutane product, were utilized in a flare unit. The new technology will allow not only saving raw materials, but reducing negative impact on the environment.

Waste (stripping) gases from the butane fractions processing of the MTBE plant are routed to the compressor equipment of the butadiene production unit. Propane and propylene hydrocarbons are extracted there from generated compressed gases, then isobutane is recycled.  To implement the scheme, a steel pipeline with a set of double block and bleed valves had to be laid as well as instrumentation to be installed.

“The scheme has already proved to be effective during the warm season. A pipeline electric heating system is provided to ensure failure-free service in winter,” as it was explained at the enterprise. - At relatively low cost for this idea introduction, we have achieved comprehensive resource-saving and environmental effect and as for data on the economic effect, they are still being collected”.

The idea was jointly developed by the specialists of two plant subdivisions – the MTBE production unit and the butadiene one with the participation of process engineers for the production of high-octane additives and liquefied hydrocarbon gases. The authors performed necessary calculations to start the design.

The improvement traditions at the AO “Omsky kauchuk” have a long history. Due to rationalization proposals introduction, it is possible to upgrade the plant’s workshops, systematize and accumulate knowledge of the specialists, ensure consistently high quality of the manufactured products and master the advanced technologies. In 2021, in addition to “classic” innovation proposals, the AO Group of companies Titan launched the activities rationalization program “Improvements in small steps”.

Source: Ministry of Industry of Omsk region, 28.09.2021


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