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15 March 2021

Pskov Newsline: Alexander Kozlovsky: “Titan-Polymer” will afford the region an opportunity to develop, and its residents - to earn good money

1 March 2021

Gazprombank: Gazprombank signed a Credit Insurance Agreement with EXIAR to finance the “Titan-Polymer” plant

18 February 2021

RUPEC: Mikhail Mishustin visited the construction site of the “Titan-Polymer” LLC plant

11 February 2021

Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation: NZSM LLC launch the aerosols production

5 February 2021

All-Russia Public Organization “Delovaya Rossiya”: Mikhail Sutyaginsky's interview with RBK TV

3 February 2021

“Interfax-Russia”: “Omsky kauchuk” has shipped the first 400 tons of isopropanol to consumers

1 February 2021

All-Russia Public Organization “Delovaya Rossiya”: The foresight meeting connected with the law- and medium-tonnage chemistry development took place at “Delovaya Rossiya”

18 January 2021

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation: isopropyl alcohol output in Russia will increase 2.5-fold

30 December 2020

“Kommercheskie vesti”: Domestic petrochemistry showed decent results in 2020

29 December 2020

“Pskovskaya Pravda”: Three childhood dreams from the “Wish- tree” will be fulfilled by “Titan-Polymer” LLC plant

21 December 2020

RIA “Sibir”: Group of companies Titan will create new cooperative chains in the Omsk SEZ “Avangard”

17 December 2020

CHEM.RU: Group of companies Titan confirmed its production quality again

7 December 2020

STRBC “Pskov”: The supervisory committee of SEZ “Moglino” gave its approval for the investment project of the plastic products manufacturing

7 December 2020

Pskovskaya Pravda”: “Titan-Polymer” LLC plant representatives met with ecological activists from Russian Ecology Movement

4 December 2020

“Omsk-inform”: Group of companies Titan provided a month’s maintenance of antiseptics to Omsk medical institution

1 December 2020

All-Russia Public Organization “Delovaya Rossia”: Mikhail Sutyaginsky addressed to Vladimir Putin during the petrochemical conference

30 November 2020

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation: Alexey Besprozvannykh and the Governor of Pskov region discussed another stage of the project “Moglino-2” development

20 November 2020

Chemical complex of Russia: Group of companies Titan publishes information on the state of the air 24/7

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