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28 November 2022

Omskinform: AO GC Titan was included in the list of 600 largest companies in Russia in terms of sales volume in 2021

25 November 2022

NGS55: “The largest petrochemical company in Siberia confirmed high quality of its products”

18 November 2022

Agrotime: Pig Breeding Complex of "Titan-Agro" continues refreshing genetics of the livestock

9 November 2022

RUPEC: AO GC Titan will start production of BOPET film in the Pskov region by the end of 2022

27 October 2022

Omsk Pravda: "Keeping up with the company"

24 October 2022

AIF: "Omsky kauchuk" awarded the best employees in honour of the plant's 60th anniversary

16 October 2022

Russian Ecology: "Chemical industry is looking for solutions to implement green technologies"

29 September 2022

"The entire Russia" learned about eco-school

16 September 2022

“Omskinform”: Fir trees have been planted at AO “Omsky kauchuk”

29 August 2022

NGS 55: A specialized website was launched for congratulations of AO “Omsky kauchuk” on its 60th anniversary

25 August 2022

“Eurasian Chemical Market”: An air separation unit will be supplied to AO “Omsky kauchuk”

17 August 2022

Rupec: Processing equipment will be upgraded at AO “Omsky kauchuk”

9 August 2022

MK: AO GC Titan organized a trip to the Pskov region for the eco-school participant

3 August 2022

PLN: Another vaccination phase was held at Titan-Polymer

29 July 2022

MK: “German Petrushko: Titan-Polymer is a platform for business creation and cooperation”

22 July 2022

Kommercheskiye Vesti: "Omsky kauchuk" plant offers import-substituting product to Russian companies

21 July 2022

Moskovsky Komsomolets: Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” LLC concluded a cooperation agreement with Volunteering Support Center

15 July 2022

MK: the launch of Titan-Polymer plant in Pskov region will become a socially important event - Alina Rybina

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