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petrochemical production


production of lubricants


polymer production


mixed feed and meat

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10 January 2022

“Polymer Materials”: Titan-Polymer, LLC plant prepared 80% of the equipment

28 December 2021

“Omsk-Inform”: AO GC Titan prepared about 3,000 New Year's gifts

24 December 2021

“Pskovskaya Lenta Novostei”: Titan-Polymer, LLC joined the "Christmas Wishing Tree" charity event

22 December 2021

“Kommercheskiye Vesti”: AO GC Titan presented sports equipment to a children's hockey team

22 December 2021 Titan-SM, LLC is revamping bottle marking technology

22 December 2021

“Moskovsky Komsomolets in Pskov”: Titan-Polymer, LLC project implementation was discussed with regional head

21 December 2021

“Kommersant”: AO GC Titan offers new solutions for the development of the chemical production

20 December 2021

“New Omsk”: An eco-project supported by the AO GC Titan won the Clean Air Award

17 December 2021

Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia: Final Meeting of the Chemical Industry Committee “Delovaya Rossiya” in 2021: industry development, greening, human resources

16 December 2021

Scientific Russia: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AO GC Titan Mikhail Sutyaginsky: science and innovations in the regions

10 December 2021

Pskovskaya Pravda: “Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” Ltd. awarded the best volunteers of Pskov State University

8 December 2021

Delovaya Rossiya, LLC: Mikhail Sutyaginsky: “Epoxy resins – industry development drivers”

7 December 2021

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: the AO “Omsky kauchuk” reduces environmental impact

3 December 2021

“Omsk-Inform”: Alexei OBUKHOV: “An in-house lawyer is a chemist, process engineer, and builder”

3 December 2021

Center of Business Information: A project of the Titan-Polymer, LLC won the #MYVMESTE (#WETOGETHER) international award

1 December 2021

“Kommercheskiye Vesti”: Omsk enterprise follows the international ecological agenda

30 November 2021

“Kommersant”: the AO GC Titan will invest 370 million rubles in the production of auto chemicals in Omsk

26 November 2021

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: The AO GC Titan has equipped a more environmentally friendly isopropyl alcohol filling system

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