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18 August 2023

OmskInform: Omsk basketball team changed its sponsor and name

13 August 2023

МК.RU Pskov: A sports festival was held in the village of Dubrovo, Pskov District

9 August 2023

Center of Business Information: More than 80 employees of Titan-Polymer plant upgraded their qualifications and undergone additional training

3 August 2023

Kommercheskiye Vesti: A monument to Ivan Buchholz was unveiled in Omsk on the City Day supported by GC Titan

31 July 2023

Pskov Newsline: A delegation from the Russian-Chinese Business Council visited “Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” LLC

29 July 2023

AIF: Sergey Shelest shared a photo of Buchholz monument delivered to Omsk

14 July 2023

OmskInform: Losses of isobutane were reduced by 10 times at “Omsky kauchuk” production plant

29 June 2023

Baikal 24: Khotsenko and Manturov launched the chemical production in Omsk

28 June 2023

Chemical Portal No. 1 in Russia: “Omsky kauchuk” became a participant of the “Labor Productivity” National Project

21 June 2023

Omsk News: The monument to Omsk founder Buchholz is scheduled to be unveiled on the 4th of August

20 June 2023 A compression module is going to be installed at the site of AO “Omsky kauchuk” in order to reduce isobutene losse

19 June 2023 GC Titan signed a BOPET film supply agreement

15 June 2023

Pskov Information Agency: The Ministry of Industry and Trade will help create an engineering center in Pskov region

15 June 2023

Pskov News: A modern engineering center will be opened in Pskov region

22 May 2023

AIF.Omsk: AO “Omsky kauchuk” has become the best employer of the year among the companies in the Sovetsky administrative district of Omsk

22 May 2023

Kommercheskiye Vesti: GC Titan hosted federal teleconference for Chemist's Day

22 May 2023

Fifth channel: What branches of economy in Russia are the most promising

18 May 2023

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: AO “Omsky kauchuk” produced the 2 millionth ton of phenol

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