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3 August 2022

PLN: Another vaccination phase was held at Titan-Polymer

29 July 2022

MK: “German Petrushko: Titan-Polymer is a platform for business creation and cooperation”

15 July 2022

MK: the launch of Titan-Polymer plant in Pskov region will become a socially important event - Alina Rybina

8 July 2022

Pskov News Feed: “Over 50 linden trees have been planted at the site of the Titan-Polymer plant”

31 May 2022

Pskov Information Agency: Titan-Polymer plant is interested in cooperation with agricultural companies of Pskov region

23 May 2022

Titan-Polymer plant became a partner of national projects

28 April 2022

Pskov Information Agency: The creation of eco-space in Korytovsky Forest Park was discussed at a strategy session in Pskov

12 April 2022

“Pskov News Feed”: German Petrushko: We will overcome difficulties together

18 March 2022

“Pskovskaya Pravda”: Titan-Polymer LLC has about 70 vacancies

10 March 2022

Business Information Center: Titan-Polymer, LLC represented by persons: Environmental Specialist Nadezhda Ekimova

18 February 2022

Pskov Information Agency: The Titan-Polymer Pskov plant creates conditions for career development

14 February 2022

Business Information Center: Industry Committee in the regional branch of Delovaya Rossiya is now headed by Herman Petrushko

8 February 2022

Pskov Information Agency: The Titan-Polymer, LLC helped a student from an orphan boarding school learn drift

4 February 2022

Business Information Center: Titan-Polymer, LLC ordered 20 thousand machine hours rented from a Pskov organization

27 January 2022

“HimOnline”: Pskov companies provide their services for Titan-Polymer plant

19 January 2022

RUPEC: The AO GC Titan plans to launch Titan-Polymer plant in 2022

11 January 2022

Business Information Center: More than 7.5 billion rubles have been invested in the construction of the Titan-Polymer plant

10 January 2022

“Polymer Materials”: Titan-Polymer, LLC plant prepared 80% of the equipment

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