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10 January 2022

“Polymer Materials”: Titan-Polymer, LLC plant prepared 80% of the equipment

24 December 2021

“Pskovskaya Lenta Novostei”: Titan-Polymer, LLC joined the "Christmas Wishing Tree" charity event

22 December 2021

“Moskovsky Komsomolets in Pskov”: Titan-Polymer, LLC project implementation was discussed with regional head

20 December 2021

“New Omsk”: An eco-project supported by the AO GC Titan won the Clean Air Award

10 December 2021

Pskovskaya Pravda: “Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” Ltd. awarded the best volunteers of Pskov State University

3 December 2021

Center of Business Information: A project of the Titan-Polymer, LLC won the #MYVMESTE (#WETOGETHER) international award

28 October 2021

Moskovsky Komsomolets in Pskov: “Titan-Polymer” LLC allocated more than 8 million roubles to social and environmental projects

15 October 2021

Pskov News Line: “Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” LLC supported the construction of “The Victory Banner Inception” Memorial in Idritsa

13 September 2021

Moskovsky Komsomolets in Pskov: Pskov residents were told about the use of BOPET film to be produced by Titan-Polymer

27 August 2021

“Pskovskaya Pravda”: The project for cooperation with “Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” LLC will be presented at young entrepreneurship competition

4 August 2021

Pskov State University: according to Taras Antal, Pro-Rector for Research, Titan and Pskov State University possess huge cooperation plans

7 June 2021

Pskov Newsline: New prospects for Pskov business: “Titan-Polymer” is preparing business cases for entrepreneurs

8 April 2021

State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company (STRBC) “Pskov”: Infrastructure construction continues at the site “Moglino-2”

22 March 2021

“Pskovskaya Pravda”: Eco-Saturday took place in Pskov

16 March 2021

“Moskovsky komsomolets”: “Titan-Plymer” LLC invested over 5 billion rubles in the construction of the plant in Pskov

15 March 2021

“Moskovsky komsomolets”: Nikolai Valuev emphasized information openness of the “Titan-Polymer” plant in Moglino

15 March 2021

Pskov Newsline: Alexander Kozlovsky: “Titan-Polymer” will afford the region an opportunity to develop, and its residents - to earn good money

1 March 2021

Gazprombank: Gazprombank signed a Credit Insurance Agreement with EXIAR to finance the “Titan-Polymer” plant

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