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8 April 2021

State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company (STRBC) “Pskov”: Infrastructure construction continues at the site “Moglino-2”

Pskov region received more than a billion rubles last year under the individual program of socio-economic development. The main part was directed to the special economic zone “Moglino” for infrastructure development. The members of the Federation Council assessed the scale and progress of work at the site where the “Titan-Polymer" plant is being built.

It is located on a total area of 300 hectares and is based on two sites.

The construction of infrastructure at the site “Moglino-2” is at the very height. Water supply, as well as gas, electricity, communication networks and sewerisation are in process of installation. The work is carried out under the individual program of socio-economic development of Pskov region. Last year almost 910 million rubles were allocated for the construction, this year - more than 700 million.

“We plan to continue this work, to complete the first stage of the infrastructure networks creation. And also, to create a number of such infrastructural significant objects as customs infrastructure, fencing, local sewage treatment units for surface water, as well as industrial effluents from our territories”, Anton Yakovlev, the head of the special economic zone “Moglino”.

Now there is almost everything necessary at the site to launch the first production stage of the key resident - the “Titan-Polymer” plant. Modern equipment for BOPET films production is already being installed in the building. The second project stage is the production of PET pellets.

“The second stage of our project is expected to produce polyethylene terephthalate pellets, including exactly textile purposes. Enterprises producing threads can be established here. You know, today surgical filaments are PET as well”, German Petrushko, General Director of “Pskovsky Zavod “Titan-Polymer” LLC.

Residents who will use PET pellets for production have the opportunity to locate their enterprise next to the plant “Titan-Polymer”. The industrial technology park construction will be started next year, with the help of the socio-economic development program as well. The funds will also be used to expand the territory of the site Moglino-2 from 82 to 205 hectares.

Source: STRBC "Pskov", 08.04.2021


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