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9 June 2020

TASS: Gazpromneft, Titan and Osnova-Holding will become anchor residents of the Omsk SEZ

5 June 2020

Business Russia LLC: Alexey Repik and Mikhail Sutyaginsky spoke on the Russian economic recovery at the meeting of All-Russia People's Front

3 June 2020

Rostov region Government: The Don enterprise delivered antiseptics to the charitable foundation and orphanage

29 May 2020

Omsk Administration: Omsk industrial enterprises and project organizations will celebrate the Chemist day

29 May 2020

Business Russia LLC: Perspectives of low-tonnage chemistry were discussed in Business Russia

27 May 2020

Rostov region Government: The Don enterprise upgrades the production

25 May 2020

Pskov Governmental University site: “Titan-Polymer” LLC discussed with the students of Pskov Governmental University questions about ecology on the platform of scientific conference

21 May 2020

Pskov information agency: Vladimir Zubov: Pskov business actively responds to the “Titan-Polymer” LLC requests

20 May 2020

RUPEC.RU: Omsk enterprise Titan GC increased the rubbers production by 50% per quarter

19 May 2020

Rostov region Government portal: The Don enterprise improve the antiseptics production

14 May 2020

PskovTag: German Petrushko regarding construction of Titan Polymer plant in the corona virus situation period, the benefits of plastic and social responsibility

8 May 2020

Pskov news wire: The “Titan-Polymer” LLC plant employees landscaped the bed of honor

6 May 2020

«Pskovskaya pravda»: Veterans from the Pskov region will receive gift sets by May 9 from the “Titan-Polymer” LLC plant

30 April 2020

Omsk Region Ministry of Agriculture portal: The corona virus did not affect the work of the agro-industry enterprises of AO GC Titan

28 April 2020

Pskov information agency: Pskov volunteers received materials for the protection screens making from “Titan-Polymer” LLC

16 April 2020

Rostov Region Governmental portal: The Don enterprise got started the supply of new antiseptic production.

13 April 2020

Ministry of economics of Omsk region: The new power efficient cooling unit will be installed at the AO “Omsky kauchuk” plant

9 April 2020

“Moskovsky comsomolets”: “Titan-Polymer” LLC joined the action “Thanks package”

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