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8 December 2021

Delovaya Rossiya, LLC: Mikhail Sutyaginsky: “Epoxy resins – industry development drivers”

The Chemical Industry Committee held a strategic session on epoxy resins production.

On December 7, The Chemical Industry Committee of the Business Association “Delovaya Rossiya” held the “Epoxy Resins: Industry Development Drivers” strategic session. The participants discussed the problems related to establishment of modern epoxy resins production and offered their solutions.  

Head of the Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AO GC Titan Mikhail Sutyaginsky moderated the discussion.

Alexander Mazhuga, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Science and Higher Education of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and Scientific Supervisor of the D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technology University; Ilya Vorotintsev, Acting Rector of the D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Technology University; Darya Shevyakina, Head of the Chemical Industry Department of the Department of Chemical and Technical Complex and Bioengineering Technologies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, took part in the strategic session. The session was also attended by specialists from the profile scientific centers - Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology and Plastics Institute named after Petrov, members of "Delovaya Rossiya" and invited experts from the companies - consumers and producers of epoxy resins.

Alexander Mazhuga noted that epoxy resins production can become a catalyst for the development of not only this industry, but also related industries.

“The work we are currently carrying out is relevant, taking into account the assignments from the President for increasing of low-tonnage and medium-tonnage chemicals production,” he emphasized.

Darya Shevyakina spoke about state support mechanisms, which are offered within the framework of the list of socio-economic development initiatives, approved by the government of the Russian Federation. 

According to the data presented by Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, Russia’s epoxy resins market is estimated at 11 billion rubles per year, and it will continue to grow.

Not only basic but special grades of epoxy resins are most in demand in Russia and import manufacturers from Germany, Korea and China dominate the domestic market.

This demand for basic and special epoxy resins was discussed at the event by representatives of electrotechnical industry, transport engineering, manufacturers of polymer composites for different purposes, and experts in the paint industry, in which epoxy resins consumption is constantly increasing, and 98% of epoxy resins are imported. Companies are ready to assess their annual product requirements, ranging from a few tonnes for low-tonnage companies to hundreds of tones for medium-sized business. The meeting participants considered the chemical production chains and defined the factors hindering the development of epoxy resin production. The industry development is hampered not only by the lack of basic raw materials for epoxy resins production, but also by the lack of domestic production of critical hardeners, thinning agents and special additives. Environmental aspects influence as well - it is necessary to recycle wastewater and solve the problem of recycling materials produced on the basis of epoxy resins. According to those present, the lack of systematic support measures, the bureaucratic nature of some procedures and, most importantly, the lack of information among enterprises about opportunities available to each other, make it difficult to implement new projects.

The founder of the GC Titan, Mikhail Sutyaginsky, has confirmed once again the Group's intention to establish production of both raw material components and particularly the epoxy resins.

“We are in charge of this topic, we are preparing a master plan, we are in process to determine the licensor," he explained. - First of all, we need to define the consolidated consumption potential of key epoxy resins - what types, volume and at what price Russian consumers are ready to purchase, and that's why we have addressed the scientific community and industry enterprises by means of the committee.”

Following the meeting, a protocol will be drafted to include the proposals made at the event. The Chemical Industry Committee has also taken the initiative to collect proposals for support measures optimizing and analyzing future promising areas of low- and medium-tonnage chemistry.

The next meeting of the Committee to follow up on the results of the year 2021 will be held on 15 December.

Source: Delovaya Rossiya, 08.12.2021


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