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17 May 2021

“Vecherny Omsk”: Week's digest. “Titan” wants to produce high-octane additives made of plant raw material

Scientists of Omsk State Technical University are regulating fans operation, and “Kormo-Standart” has put pelleted animal feed into production.

At the All-Russian Scientific Conference “Topical Energy Issues” held at the Technical University, the head of the GC Titan, Mikhail Sutyaginsky, presented a comprehensive company project “Clean Air Formula” aimed at improving the environmental situation in large Russian cities by reducing emissions from vehicles. A high-octane motor fuel component - ethyl tert-butyl ether (bioETBE) - will be made of plant raw material. According to Sutyaginsky, the use of fuel with bioETBE will significantly reduce, and as for nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, it will almost completely eliminate vehicles’ discharge into the air. At the plant “Omsky kauchuk”, included in the GC Titan, it is easy to repurpose the existing unit for the production of MTBE high-octane additive to produce ETBE.


Scientists of the Technical University are developing a method to reduce heat loss in modern buildings. They are creating a production sample of a discharge fans control module programming operation of the fans in building ventilation systems. The device allows to regulate fan rpm continuously and program its operation in different modes timing-wise. It is also possible to control the fan operation according to indications of various sensor readings - motion, carbon dioxide, natural gas, humidity and others. To assess effectiveness of the new device and regulate room air exchange, research in ventilation systems of buildings with the developed control units will be pursued.

The company “Kormo-Standart” has launched the production line of extruded pelleted animal feed with the municipal grant of 400 thousand rubles. The new equipment allows crushing, mixing, adding vitamin and mineral mixtures, extruding and making pellets with a diameter of 2 to 10 mm. The line capacity is up to 150 tons of feed mixtures per month. In the future, the company is going to install new units to produce premixes and feed for fish farms.


The budget of Omsk has increased by 1.26 billion rubles, 1.23 billion of which are inter-budgetary transfers. Additional funds will be used to increase salaries of the public sector employees from May 1, to repair and equip institutions of the departments of education and youth welfare, physical training and sports, 60 million rubles will be directed to municipal carriers affected by reduced payments providing, 17 million - to the regional operator “Magnit” for garbage removal. After the changes made by the city council, the budget of Omsk will make 23.49 billion rubles in revenues and 24.69 billion rubles in expenditures.

For four months, the amount of personal income tax assessed at the rate of 15% in Omsk region amounted to 218.3 million rubles. This rate is applied to income of citizens exceeding 5 million rubles, and the additional received funds should be directed to treat children with rare and severe diseases. According to the Federal Tax Service's forecast, in 2021 a little over 800 Omsk residents will pay tax at an incremental rate, as a whole additional tax earnings for the year will amount to 1.3 billion rubles.


At the end of 2020, the company “Luzinskoe Moloko” made a loss of 54.3 million rubles, although its revenue for the year increased from 702.1 million to 753.2 million rubles. Due to efficiency decline, the company started selling its farms in Omsk, Tavrichesky and Moskalensky districts with a total herd of about three thousand head.

The bankruptcy commissioner of Omsk bankrupt pharmaceutical factory finally managed to sell its three-story building on 22nd Partsjezd Street. The building has been on sale since 2017 with constant price reduction, which was initially set at 24 million 460 thousand rubles. Several auctions did not receive a single application, four times purchasers refused to pay for the deal. Now the factory building has been purchased by Elena Shchelykalova, the owner of the catering company “City of Masters of Vadim Baturin”, who offered 1.85 million rubles for it - 13 times less than it was required four years ago. Now the bankruptcy commissioner has to wait, whether the native of Omsk will refuse her purchase, as the previous winners of the auction did.

However, the property complex of the distillery “Osha” could not be sold for the second time - not a single application was submitted to the auction, although the price of the plant was reduced from 365.7 million to 329.1 million rubles. The day of an auction with an open bid announced by the court-appointed trustee should be 25th of June.

Source: "Vecherny Omsk", 17.05.2021


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