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4 June 2021

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”: Mikhail Sutyaginsky: “We can produce blends that reduce car emissions by 40%”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of AO GC Titan told about new products, which will make the air cleaner and allow to save the food longer.

- “What do you to plan to present at the Forum?”

 - “Clean air”. It is our project to produce the new high-octane components for the auto fuel. Their using allows to reduce the negative impact of the main air pollutants - cars - on the environment.”

- “Tell us more about the project.”

- “Fifteen million-cities emitted about 5.5 million tones of the exhaust gases into the. It is much more than emissions from the thousand of the largest industrial enterprises. But if the technical re-equipment of the enterprises is multibillion expenditures, the negative impact from the cars can be reduced much more easily. But to implement this, we need to develop the new industrial area – the deep processing of the renewable raw materials, including the new high-octane components production. Such substances have serious advantages over the methyl tert-butyl ether, which is used today. Their using allows to increase the gasoline energy, raising the oxygen level in the blend. And thus increase the percent of the burned of the toxic substances at the engine combustion chamber. The use of new components allows to reduce the 40% emissions. The result is a reduction in emissions of 5.5 million tons to 3.3 million tons.”

- “Do you have decisions for the diesel oil too?”

- “Sure. The use of the new high-cetane component in the diesel oil production will allow the emissions reducing better up to 60%. There is another one number. The active use of the methyl tert-butyl ether at the fuel production leads to the fact that annually up to 100 thousand tons of methanol gets into the soil. If we refuse the MTB, we will solve the problem.”

- “What raw-materials are used for the new fuel components production?”

- “The answer is grain cultures. And what's interesting, low liquid are good for this too. It means that the area development will allow to solve the village industrialization issues. Our agrarians will have their own guaranteed sales market for illiquid products. As the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said, today we need to use additionally 13 million hectares, which will give at least 30 million tons of grain. Our allowed losses are from 5 to 10 percents.”

- “To renew the crop rotation it is necessary to cultivate more rapeseeds, sunflowers and soy. Such cultures are not only great for the high-cetane component, but also covers the law-tonnage needs by 30-40%, which is imported to the Russian Federation today. I should remind that in accordance with the President Vladimir Putin’s decree, we must increase the law-tonnage chemistry production by 30% up to 2025. It will allow to meet a significant part of the medicine and pharmaceuticals needs. As well as the household chemicals, car care products and other areas.”

- “AO GC Titan implements its projects in several regions of Russian Federation. What invest projects from the states do you want to present at the SPIEF?”

- “This year we will launching two lines for the production of biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate films with a volume of 36 thousand tons. This film has unique features. For example, its use at the process of the window unit production allows to reduce the warm losses by 60%. Its transparency is better than glass. Its significant barrier features will allow to significantly extend the "life" of the glass. Also we have the film, which is 25-30 times better in air impermeability than existing counterparts. And it will give to producers the opportunity to extend the products preservation, for example, vegetables by at least 50%. Of course, it is without the product quality losing. In Pskov region, at the SEZ “Moglino” we are launching the project for the construction of the complex, where we will produce the raw-materials for our films. I want to note right away: we succeeded to increase the environmental friendliness of the production: this is not the second, this is third dangerous class. It means that is more safety than the lemon acid. The sanitary-protection zone of the future enterprise is 300 meters.”

- “Besides, we will become residents of the SEZ “Kulibin” in Nizhniy Novgorod region. We will sign the Agreement on the construction of the micronized silica gels and stable silica sols production plant with the governor Gleb Nikitin. This is unique product. Today silica gels and silica sols are bad quality in Russia. We are going to change it. Our production will have the export potential. Besides our radio electronics will receive the high-quality raw-materials for their components base that will make our position in this industrial area stronger. I should note that the production will carried out on equipment that was developed and produced in Russia.”.

“And another important project for us, which we have already presented, is the metallurgical silicon production. It is approved by the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency, so we are ready enter the governmental corporation “roadmap”

-“Do you plan to cooperate with the small and medium business in regions? How do you see this cooperation?”

- “The Committee of Chemical Industry of the “Delovaya Rossia” actively works on the cooperation. Today we have more than 80 representatives of the small and medium business in our Committee. We are ready to supply them by raw-material components, including such materials for which today we are dependent on imports. In this endeavor, we found support at the Ministry of Industry and Trade level. I will demonstrate this with one example. At this moment the company “Altaikhimprom” is working on the creation of its own active substances for the plant protection chemicals. If we can produce the bisphenol at our Omsk site, we will be able to become the raw-material suppliers for every company producing the products, but can’t increase the raw-material volume.”

-“What tasks do you specify in the environmental field?”

-“Every day we publish the emissions report. We have such possibility and we can use our own sanitary and hygienic laboratory. We give the opportunity to check how the active production works and what our management does to reduce the emissions volumes. We have five productions at the AO “Omsky kauchuk” site. In accordance with documents we can’t exceed the emission threshold 6,000 tons. Actual volume is no more than 4000. The new capacities we introduced allowed to reduce the emissions of the substances to zero. Earlier we had to take them to the landfill. And we do not consider it as an achievement, we are sure that we have a lot of thing to work on.”

- “You are the Head of the Committee of Chemical Industry of “Delovaya Rossia” and can talk for the industry. What is the state of the chemical industry today, considering the pandemic? And how can the work of the Committee help the industry?”

- Enterprises entered our Committee proved they worthy during the pandemic. Within a very short time more than 170 producers repurposed their capacities to the antiseptics production, when our country needed it in huge volumes. In March we found out what a pandemic is, but already in October the whole of our country was fully provided with antiseptic solutions of the highest quality. It will give the serious impulse to the law-tonnage chemical production and allow to support the scientific developments and, as a result, it will make us much more commercially viable against the background of such a giant in the field of law-tonnage chemical production as China.

Source:“Komsomolskaya Pravda”, 04.06.2021


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