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14 May 2021

“Kommercheskie vesti”: The AO GC Titan “Green” was presented to the industrial and scientific community

The use of fuels containing ETBE can seriously reduce vehicles emissions into the atmosphere.

On May 14 the AO GC Titan founder Mikhail Sutyaginsky gave a paper about the ecological project named “The clean air formula” on the All-Russian scientific conference “Actual Issues Of  Energy” organized by Omsk State Technical University. Also the industrialist took a part in the discussion with the Minister of Energy and Housing Maintenance and Utilities of Omsk region Anton Gaak participation.

Mikhail Sutyaginsky became the speaker of the “Renewable energy sources, decarbonization, bioenergetics” sub-forum at the first day of the event. Representatives of the regional executive authorities, fuel and energy industry, oil refining industry, petrochemistry and, industrial experts took part on the event in the mixed mode conference. The renewable energy sources introduction issues were in the focus, as well as their integration in traditional power supply systems and territorial ecology.

The event was started by the Minister of Energy and Housing Maintenance and Utilities of Omsk region Anton Gaak speech. The Head of the Directorate for Energy of PJSC “LUKOIL” Vasily Zubakin spoke at the sub-forum in online mode and talk about the company energy, as well as the “LUKOIL” carbon reduction politics, including the energy-management system introduction, renewable energy sources use, the carbon dioxide detection systems installation and,  new technologies development. The petroleum companies’ transformation beginning issue was clarified by the Head of the Department of Energy and the Block of Logistics, Processing and Sales of Gazprom Neft PJSC Vladimir Andreev.
Igor Shahrai, the General Director of Group of companies “Havel” ran the first solar electric plant in Omsk region, talked about the modern situation with the solar power generation and its raw materials supply in Russia, especially the silicon, in details.
The Head of AO GC Titan Mikhail Sutyaginsky presented the company global project “The clean air formula”, which aim is to improve the environment in large cities of Russian by reducing emissions from vehicles. The environmentally friendly high-octane motor fuel component creating was announced as a decision of the issue – the production of ethyl tertiary butyl ether (bio-ETBE) from the renewable plant raw material. There is no such a production in Russia for now.

“The use of fuels containing ETBE can seriously reduce or for some items, in particular, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, completely eliminate emissions into the atmosphere from vehicles,” he noted “Also one of the ETBE advantages is the safe ethanol emission during its circulation instead of the toxic methanol.”

According to Mikhail Sutyaginsky, the Omsk region may become the first region where such production will be launched. So the unit producing the high-octane component for the MTBE can be easily reorient to the ETBE production at the AO “Omsky kauchuk” plant, which is a part of AO GC Titan.

Our country needs the stimulation measures from our government to switch on the bio-ETBE, including the fuel excise taxes reducing for the bio-ETBE, increase in the permissible content of octane-enhancing additives in the vehicle gasoline and refuse to use the environmentally hazardous gasoline A-92.

Within the discussion Mikhail Sutyaginsky told his opinion on the region invest attractiveness. From an investor point of view, Omsk region has the enormous potential for the renewal energy sources industry and biotechnologies development, because there are industrial, energy infrastructure, strong technical training institutes and, agriculture with high development potential.

Research and practical part of the conference will be continued on 15th of May on the OmSTU base.

Source:"Kommercheskie vesti", 14.05.2021


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