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17 June 2021

Chemical complex of Russia: “RusSilica” will build a plant in the SEZ “Kulibin”

“RusSilica”, the company of Mikhail Sutyaginsky, received the authorities’ support in the construction of a plant for micronized silicagel production. On June 15, the expert council of the special economic zone (SEZ) “Kulibin” approved the project of “RusSilica” and three other companies.  

The residents of the SEZ “Kulibin” will be “Technology Park H2O” the laboratory technological park (research & development), “Research Center” (development of low- and medium-tonnage chemistry technologies), “SaveTool” (Production of pyrotechnic cutters) and “RusSilica”

“RusSilica” plans to build a plant for micronized silica gel and stable silica gel production. The launch of the site is planned for 2023-2024.

The planned investment volume in the project is 5 billion rubles. The cooperation agreement in this project implementation was signed by Gleb Nikitin, the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region and Mikhail Sutyaginsky, the GC Titan Chairman of the Board of Directors, at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this year (SPIEF-2021).

The products of the future enterprise are used in paints and varnishes industry and plastics production as a filler. Also, silica gel is used in manufacturing rubber technical goods, tires, food production and other industries.

Source: Chemical complex of Russia, 17.06.2021



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