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16 August 2021

AgroBase portal: “Titan-Agro” compound feedstuff passed tests at Omsk Agrarian University

The effectiveness of the animal feed for broiler chickens of “Titan-Agro” Ltd. (Feed mill “Pushkinsky”) was tested at Omsk State Agrarian University.

The tests were made on ARBOR ACRE broiler chickens fed with mixed fodders of two formulae: PK-5-0 up to the 28th testing day, and PK-6 up to the 42nd day. By the end of the 1st week of life, the average weight of a broiler chicken was 181 grams, and by the 28th day characteristics were 10% higher than the standard, and the weight was 1643 grams.

Starter feed promotes proper skeleton formation, chicken muscle tissue and rapid weight gain. The compound feed contains grain and protein feed, vegetable oil, mineral and vitamin supplements, enzyme preparations and probiotics. The compound feed used was produced in compliance with GOST 18221-2018.

We should add, that this year the agro-industrial manufacturing enterprise “Titan-Agro” Ltd is switching over to a new compound feed packaging. The updated package which is a brighter and more ergonomic one will allow to improve safety of all components that compound feed includes and to become more recognizable among consumers.

Source: AgroBase portal, 16.08.2021


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