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7 June 2021

Pskov Newsline: New prospects for Pskov business: “Titan-Polymer” is preparing business cases for entrepreneurs

New prospects for Pskov business: “Titan-Polymer” is preparing business cases for

entrepreneurs. Industrial cooperation (B2B sector) has been gathering pace in the economy recently. This term – “business to business” or “B to B” - defines a type of information and economic interaction where companies do not work for the final ordinary consumer but for the same companies, i.e. for another business.

A remarkable example of such work in Pskov region is the anchor resident of Moglino, the “Titan-Polymer” plant, which is ready not only to create an industrial cluster, but to help other enterprises, for example, by giving them ready-made business cases.

Sergey Zuev, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Committee on The Economic Development and Investment policy – the Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship Development, Trade and Competition, talked on the air of the radio Echo Moskvy how the Pskov region administration reacted to these plans.

- Sergey Andreevich, it is known that your committee has held talks with “Titan-Polymer” in this respect. Share please your insider's knowledge. It’s also interesting how the regional authorities can be helpful in supporting on “B2B” basis. 

- Yes, indeed, the executive stuff of Moscow management company was in talks with me on this point. We understand that “Titan-Polymer” is the part of the group of companies with many lines of business - large-tonnage chemicals enterprises, auto chemicals, automobile cosmetics and agricultural complex. For 30 years of work the company accumulated competences in business process management, which it is now ready to share.  
- What is the Titan’s idea?

- Their proposal is to form an industrial symbiosis of the Pskov region entrepreneurs around them. “Titan-Polymer” in Pskov region is not only a new economy branch, but also a source of raw materials. The company “Titan-Polymer” is planning to establish cooperation where each successive small and medium-sized business would produce second, third processing products from their raw materials. “Titan is ready to form business plans and asked me to send them a pool of support measures that are being implemented in Pskov region to 'package' them into a business plan. It will be recorded in this business plan what is produced, what technology is used and where it is sold. It will also take into account the opportunities that could be raised through state support, such as co-financing the training costs of employees or participation in export support center programs. This plan includes the support measure in the form of searching for a direct foreign buyer.

“Titan-Polymer” is interested in developing a list of such business plans, which we could offer to entrepreneurs through “My business” center. It’s rather a business case when the company is ready to give volume, when there is a clear business model.  The regional administration is also interested in economy diversification and increasing the number of exactly industry stakeholders of small and medium businesses.

- As far as I understand, this is still only a negotiation. What is the prospect that it will all work out and be implemented?

- So far as I know, Titan has development practice in such proposals. I sent them all the information that was required. In the nearest future we will hold a cooperation session where acting small and medium-sized businesses will be invited. It is easier for them to develop a new direction for themselves than to create something from scratch, because industry is a financially cost-intensive activity type. We will present these projects at the strategy session and then will work them off with each applicant individually.

Interview with Aleksey Ovchinnikov

Source: Pskov Newsline, 07.06.2021


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