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20 July 2022

"Omsky kauchuk" plant offers import-substituting product to Russian companies

The company has already received its first order for a batch of isopropyl benzene hydroperoxide (hyperis).

Hyperis is the product of the oxidation of cumene with air oxygen. This liquid is an intermediate substance in the production of phenol and acetone. It is widely used in the production of paint materials, plastics and in the fuel, oil and textile industries.

Previously, the plant produced this fluid for its own production, but now other industrial enterprises will be able to buy hyperis from "Omsky kauchuk". The imposition of economic sanctions was the impetus for the launch of hyperis filling system of its own production within import substitution. Now it is more profitable for chemical companies to purchase isopropyl benzene hydroperoxide on the domestic market.

To arrange the substance filling, a special unit has been installed at "Omsky kauchuk" plant. It complies with all industrial safety requirements, the cleanliness of the equipment used for loading operations is strictly observed. The first hyperis batch of 16 m3 is already ready for loading to a customer from Ural.


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