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13 April 2020

New energy efficient refrigeration unit will appear at «Omsky kauchuk»

“Omsky kauchuk” plant (is included in the Group of Companies “Titan”) makes preparations for the installation of two Grasso screw compressor units. They form part of a new refrigeration unit, which will increase the reliability and efficiency of refrigeration supply of the organic synthesis production and entire enterprise as a whole.

The new refrigeration unit uses modern technologies allowing to reduce the electric power consumption. It is expected that the economic effect of its implementation will amount to several tens of millions of rubles per year, and at the expense of reducing the consumption of refrigerant and circulating water a significant environmental effect will also be obtained.

GEA company is the supplier of the unit equipment complex, including pumps, liquid separators, tanks (receivers), electrical equipment, control panels, fittings and instrumentation.

Compressors were delivered to the enterprise site in March 2020. Screw units weighing 7.5 tons each with a power control system have high refrigeration capacity and reduced vibration level. To generate 1 Gcal of cold they need 40% of electric power less than existing equipment requires.

The new refrigeration unit will also include plate-type evaporators and air cooled condensers. “This type of evaporators will be used in our unit for the first time,” explains Aleksandr Suvorov, Head of the Refrigeration Shop. “In such evaporators cooling agent and refrigerant move inside their independent circuits, ensuring maximum cooling efficiency with compact dimensions”.

In their turn, in winter 12-meter V-shape air condensers allow to generate cold without turning on compressors, and at the expense of the use of the most advanced fans they have a reduced noise level during operation.

It should be noted that the solution based on using low-temperature potential of the environment to reduce electric power consumption within periods of the year with negative air temperatures is protected by the patent law: in April 2015 the Group of Companies “Titan” obtained a patent for the utility model of the refrigeration unit.

The unit will have been commissioned before the end of 2020.


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