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15 October 2020

AO GC Titan multiplied the synthetic rubbers export volume

Titan-Inter-Trade Ltd selling the petrochemical production of AO GC Titan abroad calculated the results of export activity for 9 months of 2020. Comparing to the same period last year, the export of synthetic rubbers increased 2.8 times.

The synthetic rubber is manufactured by the capacities of Omsky kauchuk plant, which is the main petrochemical asset of AO GC Titan.

The supply focus areas of synthetic rubber usually were CIS countries, Eastern Europe, East and South Asia, Middle East and South America from January to September of 2020. We shall note that Chinese clients increased the interest to Omsk petrochemical products.

Approximately 70% of the rubber purchased in the Omsk region was used by foreign consumers for the car tires manufacture.

“The most popular brand abroad is the rubber ARKPN, which is introduced into rubber compounds to increase the wear resistance of tire treads, it can be used in the footwear industry, and it is also good for the production of components for medical equipment», – was explained by the company representative.

A non-darkening and non-staining antioxidant substance is used in the production of this bright brand preventing the product destruction during its storage.

It will be recalled that Omsky kauchuk plant manufactures six brands of synthetic butadiene-methylstyrene rubbers of general use. Two of them contain refined "green" oil providing production of tires with high environmental qualities. As of the current date, the company's share in the Russian production of general-purpose rubbers is 24%.

The petrochemical products of the AO GC Titan are sold abroad because of the high quality and flexible pricing policy, regardless the fluctuations of the global market environment. In addition to rubbers, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, methyl tert-butyl ether, phenol and acetone are regularly supplied for export.


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