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7 July 2021

The Russian Chemists Union: AO “Omsky kauchuk” is reclaiming the industrial waste landfill

AO “Omsky kauchuk”, the part of AO GC Titan, thanks to the modernization program and transition to the recycling production mode in many processes, has not buried industrial waste at the plant’s landfill for the last 9 years. Moreover the company began the reclamation process from 2012, after it chose the Research and Development enterprise “Promecology” as a subcontractor. AO GC Titan executives always has always been seen and understood not only as the ecological land restoration, but the recycling of the recycled substances accumulated on the territory of the landfill.

 AO “Omsky kauchuk” spent about 35 million rubles to organize project works to reclaim the landfill, in accordance with official sources. The total investment is over 200 million rubles.

“The enterprise signed the service contract with the contractor - Research and Development enterprise “Promecology” Alexey Obukhov, the Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs of AO GC Titan commented “For now, the project works are finished. The corresponding documents were sent to the state ecological expertise in this year.”

Information: The AO“Omsky kauchuk” landfill works from 1971. In 1971 by the order of the Omsk Regional Executive Committee, the enterprise was allocated a special land plot, where in accordance with the project documentation the special landfill areas were built. They are specially equipped and waterproofed pits for industrial waste burry, which are mistakenly called “chemical lakes” or the “coloured ponds”.

For now special landfill areas do not work, but their condition is under control: the enterprise specialists regularly sample and monitoring the impact of it on the environment. Over limits of specified standard were not noted at the landfill.

Within the implementation of the transparency the AO “Omsky kauchuk” landfill was open for the journalist work on the 2nd of July. Particularly this place was visited by the stuff of the “12 channel”. Results of acquaintance with the landfill you can see in the report of the TV channel.

Source: The Russian Chemists Union, 07.07.2021


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