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9 June 2021

“Omsk-inform”: AO GC Titan is working on compliance with the comments of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia and Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources

At the meeting of the relevant commission, it was noted that most of the comments were related to documents. External experts were invited as well.
An extended meeting of the commission on regulations enforcement from the Federal Services for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision and Supervision of Natural Resources with the participation of the plant's specialists and external experts on industrial ecology and safety was held at the office of the GC Titan.

We should remind, in May and June, Federal Services for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision and Supervision of Natural Resources published the results of on-site inspections of the plant facilities of the AO “Omsky kauchuk”, that caused massive media resonance. The heads of the Group of companies took the regulations enforcement issue under their control and set up a special commission to work off the supervisory authorities comments promptly. 

“At all enterprises of the GC Titan a control system for industrial and environmental safety is being introduced within the developed environmental standard. We should not only eliminate violations, but also figure out why such situations arise,” Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AO GC Titan Mikhail Sutyaginsky noted at the meeting. - Due to the experts involved and their recommendations, we will strengthen the existing action plan. The purpose of our work today is to prevent the recurrence of such violations”.

During the last week, the commission members developed an integrated action plan and already managed to share the first results.
“Most of the comments set out in the instructions of the supervisory authorities are subject to documentation of the business” the Company Acting General Director of the AO “Omsky kauchuk” Sergey Ivanilov noted – The requirements of the supervisory authorities have changed recently and we, for our part, have strengthened the direction of labor protection, industrial safety and ecology and changed management personnel in this area. Moreover, to work off the requirements of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia, we invited third-party subject matter experts to act as consultants.”
Alexander Bokov, an expert of the Russian Environmental Movement and Chairman of the Group of Companies “Safety Class”, reviewed the prescriptions of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service and made his proposals to the action plan prepared by the specialists of the plant “Omsky kauchuk”.
“After documents analysis we came to the conclusion that boilerplate language doesn’t mean at all that the enterprise threatens human life and health, the most part of the comments reflects the lack of updated documentation, as for technical remarks they are insignificant”, informed Bokov – The enterprise is undergoing modernization, it takes a long time, whereby legislation is in the state of reforming, some sections have been updated in fragments and may often contradict each other. In such case, even a rebuilt plant all over again will not fully comply with all industrial safety requirements”.

The expert recommended the plant “Omsky kauchuk” to conduct an audit of its industrial safety management system, following which a 2–3-year plan for compliance with all the comments should be drawn up and agreed with the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia. It’s a prevalent practice. 
Alina Rybina, Deputy General Director for Corporate Communications of the AO GC Titan, spoke about the company's openness in remedial measures development.

“Now we are working with media inquiries and the ones of Omsk residents that have been received by the Titan Information Center after publication of the inspections results,” Alina Rybina informed. – It is important for us to relieve the existing social tension and calm the townspeople. I would like to address everyone who is worried about the environmental situation in Omsk with a request to ask all your questions in the social networks of the Group of companies Titan.”

The result of the meeting was formation of proposals and follow-up revision of the integrated plan to comply with the comments, which will be implemented after approval. General Director of the AO GC Titan took the implementation of this plan under his personal control.

Source: "Omsk-inform", 09.06.2021 


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