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9 August 2021

Ministry of Economy of Omsk region: More than 30 ideas for improving production were suggested by the employees of the Group of companies Titan

In July, the GC Titan launched the activity rationalization program “Improvements by short steps”. The program includes projects with the implementation period equal to 3-6 months and value amounted up to 100 thousand rubles.

14 enterprising employees have already succeeded to take an opportunity to introduce innovations in the work of enterprises. Workers, process engineers and shop managers have become the authors of the ideas. Six ideas have already been accepted for implementation.

The Group of companies Titan and “Omsky kauchuk” plant have become the pilot sites of the program. So, in just two weeks the workers of “Omsky kauchuk” submitted 31 applications with proposals of various content: from organizing a control system over the movement of devices during repairs to improving water treatment in steam boilers of a thermal power plant, and usage of nitrogen-containing vent gases from production facilities for nitrogen saving.

“Out of the total number of submitted proposals, we have proceeded six ones, and other 15 ideas were sent for revision,” said Valentina Prilepskaya, project initiator, Deputy General Director for Business Development at the GC Titan. “All authors have received feedback and rewards.”

The ideas are registered in the Unified Fund. The program also includes additional incentives. Thus, with the successful implementation of a major innovation, the author will be able to count on 4% of the resulting economic effect.

“The program “Improvements by short steps” will make its own adjustments to the plant operation, and our habit of thinking and suggesting improvements regarding any topic relative to the plant operation will be duly appreciated,” says Andrey Starcheusov, “Omsky kauchuk” Process Engineer of the diene and olefin production workshop, an active production rationalizer. “In my proposal I described a method to prevent polymer blocking a product pipeline and I am pleased that the idea will be implemented.”

The experience gained at construction sites will be replicated at all enterprises of the Group of companies Titan.

Source: Ministry of Economy of Omsk Region, 09.08.2021


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