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9 April 2021

CHEM.RU: “Titan” turned more than 70 kg of electric batteries to recycling

Within the project “Eco-Saturday” the GC Titan employees arranged collection of waste batteries.

This action has resulted in the collection of more than 70 kg of batteries that will be sent for further disposal to Chelyabinsk plant of the GC “Megapolisresurs”. Today, it is the largest complex in Russia, which specializes on advanced processing of electrochemical power sources. A certified company engaged in the removal of such waste helped to transport the collected batteries.

It has been scientifically proven that just one AA battery thrown into a dustbin and ending up in a waste landfill can "poison" up to 20 m² of soil or 400 liters of water. The environmental threat together with the impossibility to stop using these sources of electric energy prompts society to awareness. As well as the GC Titan, many other petrochemical enterprises have responsible strategy for batteries disposal arranging special collection points for personnel.

Thus, not only waste paper but also batteries are collected on a centralized basis at the enterprise “TogliattiAzot”. Special containers for hazardous waste collection have also been set up at the production site of BIAXPLEN (SIBUR). The employees of LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftegaz have also organized collection of waste batteries since 2019.

It’s worth noting that there are two battery collection points in “Titan” – one of them is in the plant management building of AO “Omsky kauchuk” and another one is in the office of AO GC Titan.

“The GC Titan initiative to arrange collection of waste batteries is one more step for formation of environmental thinking of the company’s employees and their inner circle. Ecological culture begins with each of us - with a disposed battery, a plastic cup turned to recycling and an eco-bag purchased for permanent use. The main goal of the GC Titan eco-directed actions is to form conscious attitude to environment,” Ekaterina Shifrova, the action organizer comments.


The GC Titan enterprises successfully operate a labor protection management system and an environmental management system, certified according to the requirements of the international standards ISO 14001 and 45001

Source: CHEM.RU, 09.04.2021


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