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18 October 2019

News of the Russian regions: «Titan-Polymer» receives expert examination results

10 October 2019

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: Group of Companies «Titan» summarized the performance of ecological laboratory for 9M 2019

4 October 2019

Administration of Omsk region: A high-tech Laser Technology Center opens in Omsk

30 September 2019

Ministry of Economy of Omsk region: Power-efficient equipment will be installed at cumene production facilities of the PJSC «Omsk kauchuk»

18 September 2019 «Omsky kauchuk» develops an instrument for megapolis environmentalization

4 September 2019

Pskov Newsline: General Director of Pskov plant «Titan-Polymer» on plastic processing and the safety of modern polymers

14 August 2019

Rupec: «Omsky kauchuk» continues to receive equipment for the production of cumene

8 August 2019 Experts: The opening of «Titan-Polymer» plant near Pskov is in line with the national chemical strategy

25 July 2019

Ministry of Agriculture of Omsk region: «Titan-Agro» presents a new product at the exhibition «AgroOmsk-2019»

12 July 2019

Rupec: A transalkylator for cumene production delivered to «Omsky kauchuk»

11 July 2019

с «Titan-Polymer» may create an industrial cluster in Pskov region

2 July 2019

Kommersant: Novocherkassk Lube Plant will begin to supply its products to Russian Railways

27 June 2019

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: «Omsky kauchuk» receives another batch of equipment for cumene production using updated technology

19 June 2019

UFNS (Federal Tax Service Directorate): 80.1 billion rubles received in 2018 from regional taxpayers whose core business line is «Production of coke and oil products»

29 May 2019

Ministry of Industry of Omsk region: Omsk petrochemists celebrate their professional holiday

15 May 2019 Director's comment on the new plant in Pskov: there is no threat to Estonian nature

10 May 2019 Mikhail Sutyaginsky confessed how Putin managed to score 9 goals

17 April 2019

Ministry of Economy of Omsk region: 60% of domestic equipment is used to modernize «Omsky kauchuk» plant

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