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18 March 2020

Hundreds of trainees are accepted at «Omsky kauchuk» plant

Early in the year 2020 about 100 students of Omsk professional educational institutions have completed internships at the largest enterprise of the Group of Companies “Titan”. The largest number of students ever accepted to practice at the same time is 180 people.

Students of Omsk Industrial and Economic College, Siberian Cossack Institute of Technologies and Management, Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoevsky and Omsk State Technical University are among the trainees.

Students of the following specialties and training areas: Chemical Technology, Automation of Technological Processes and Production, Technical Operation of Electrical Equipment and Analytical Quality Control of Chemical Compounds are the most interested in the practice at the enterprise.

More than 400 students of higher educational institutions and colleges of the city undergo practical training at the plant annually, then some of them come to work at the enterprise. In the year 2019, 98 former trainees joined the team of “Omsky kauchuk”. Many young people say that internship at the place of future work has become a great opportunity for them to understand technological processes.

The most capable students are employed by “Omsky kauchuk” immediately after their practice. Ivan Yatsen, graduate of the Siberian Cossack Institute of Technologies and Management is among such active young people. “I work as a distillation unit operator in the organic synthesis production, this profession is a promising and interesting one. My immediate head - shift supervisor helps and supports me. The workshop team is young and friendly, my relations with everyone have developed in a good way. I plan to get higher education without discontinuing my job,” says the ex-trainee.

Since the year 2018 the practice results have been summed up in the format of the open discussion platform “I want to say!”, organized by the Human Resource Service of the enterprise. “The event is attended by trainees, their teachers and tutors, who are assigned to the youth by the plant,” comments Irina Tachenina, Deputy Head of the Human Resource Service. “On the basis of the results of such meetings, we make adjustments to the production practice organization for its improvement”.


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