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8 April 2022

An eco-space project in Pskov is being developed under the support of the AO GC Titan

An eco-space project is being prepared in the in the city's main forest park. The participants of the Eco-Saturday project (implemented with the support of the AO GC Titan) are responsible for the development.

Snezhana Ermolaeva, coordinator of the Eco-Saturday project in Pskov region, told about the development of eco-space concept during a live broadcast on the radio station "PLN FM" during a round table dedicated to the start of the contest "Clean Pskov".

At the present time the Eco-Saturday project team has prepared terms of reference for the development of the eco-space concept in Korytowski Forest Park. This area is located on the outskirts near the former skiing base and Malaya Gogolevka settlement. Pskov citizens like going for a family walk, walking their pets and doing sports in this pine forest. Besides, Korytowski Forest is one of the favorite places for winter recreation of the citizens.

The eco-space concept includes land improvement and creation of environmental locations – a walking area, eco-trails, recreation area, and playground for children.

“We would like to emphasize the uniqueness of the Korytowski Forest Park ecosystem, save the environment of this area, and create conditions for comfortable and eco-friendly vacation. This place may become the center of attention not only for Pskov citizens but for tourists,” Snezhana Ermolaeva noted.

At the moment, the experts are developing the eco-space concept with visualization and description of all territorial zones. The presentation is going to be held in summer. The final decision on the eco-space infrastructure elements will be made taking into account the opinion of the Pskov citizens. The concept will be approved by authorities.
“Other Pskov companies are expected to be involved in the project implementation. We are looking for partners to improve the greenest area of Pskov,” Snezhana Ermolaeva added. 


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